Tuesday, October 18, 2011

MTC Half Way!

This week is the halfway point in the MTC for us!  I'm scared out of my mind for when we go and I couldn't be more excited to go at the same time... in a very good way.  I met some sisters who are going to the Chicago spanish speaking mission.  they just came in this last wednesday and said they are part of a pilot program where they are only here at the MTC for 5 weeks instead of 9 weeks to see if they can learn the language well enough in that time.  Crazy!  i  want to see how that goes. 

My district is awesome.  i'm going to be so sad to say bye to all of the elders... they make me laugh so so hard all the time. they are crazy.  I decided they are a really good thing for me because they make me not take myself so seriuosly and they make the MTC fun instead of stressful.  Soeur johnson adn i still work hard and are learning a lot but the elders they're fun too so we have a good time.  The other day it was burning hot in our classroom 9they turned on the heat way too early!) and Elder Burgess decided he needed to "make it snow" because it was way too hot.  Suddenly, i look up from reading my scriptures and he's stuffing a tissue down the fan and it shreds it up and makes it snow.  I secretly thought it was hilrarous.  Elder Folley, (he's 6 foot 7) ran out of the class the other day and just kept running up onto the wall and kicked a ceiling tile because he just felt like he could keep running forever.  A spanish teacher from another class came out and got mad at him.  Yesterday, two of the elders were clinking glasses at lunch to make a toast and then Elder Burgess crashed his on top of it and the glass broke. 

There's also crazy shower stories they were telling us the other day.  Elder Folley stole all the elders towels from off the shower racks and two of the elders weren't in our district.  one of them was chinese or something and just walked out of the shower without any clothes on and said, "where's my towel?" another elder wrapped a shower curtain around himself because he didn't have his towel.  crazy things happen.

umm, mom asked if it's hard in the MTC because you're confined.  Yes, it is.  Sometimes I have the slight temptation at gym time to just run to BYU or something just to feel likeyou're out of the complex for a little while.  But, it's great because they have an hour of gym time and it has been gorgeous weather so I've been running outside around the bottom track of the MTC and that is one of my favorite things in the world I love it.  I have been running alone usually while my comp is playing frisbee or something and come to findout like a week later I was reading the rules and that is not allowed.  We asked why and the supervisor said they have had problems with missionaries running away during gym time. hhahaha I think that's hilarious.  But the mountains are GORGEOUS right now, I wish I could go out hiking right now so so so badly!  It's the weirdest when our teachers come in, teach us for three hours and then leave us there in the classroom while they go back into the normal world.  Sometimes it gets a little stir-crazy studying in the same desk, same class for about 14 hours a day but that's why things become so hilarious when the elders do dumb things.  So really, I LOVE THE MTC a lot.  it's great.

We were supposed to get a new roommate last Wednesday (french speaking, going to Figi).  Well, WEdnesday came and went and there was no one who showed up.  Seriously, I was like, "what happened?" I speculated she got engaged like a week before she was supposed to come in to the MTC or something.  Come to find out (like three days later we were told) she's fluent in french already so she's in the accelerated three week program.  So we're getting two new sisters tomorrow!  Seriously, I am so amazed by how many really cute, normal, fun, happy sisters there are here.  You hear these horror stories about these bizarre companions and so far really all the girls in my zone are so much fun and normal and I love them!  I'll send a picture of all of them soon. 

Oh Danielle, i saw Spencer Simpson today for the first time!  We had a fire drill in the MTC today and there was someone who ran down our hall saying, "everyone, get out!" so anyways, it was everyone in the mtc evacuated.  One person came out in his bathrobe, a sister came out with her hair in a towel. it was hilarious.  I was like, "people. there is time to put on pants. please." it was funny though.   Spencer ALMOST gave me a hug. it was a close call.  but he said he's going to write you lil din.

Um, my companion. We are doing awesome.  We have a good time.   yesterday she thought it was a big deal because I had my first serving of fries for lunch (i stick to salads, wraps, fruit, cereal usually and soup) it was great.

Um, embarrassing story a few days ago I was in getting my mini wheats 9still eat them pretty much every morning) and I walked over to the wall to get them and they were stuck in there so I was shaking the canister (they are huge canisters) to get them out and an elder came over and was trying to help me and they wouldn't come out so I started shaking it harder and suddenly the three huge, full canisters next to mine started tipping over and I tried to catch it at first, but it was just a lost cause so i just watched them smash onto the ground.  So the missionaries behind me go, "oh, seriously?" (like what the 200 who were sitting there.) so I went over and got the server guy to tell him it needed to be cleaned up.  Let's just say they ended up using those huge broom sweeper bin things to shovel it into the huge garbage can.  It was so much cereal i cannot even begin to tell you.  and the worst part is, the mini wheats were still lodged in there so I didn't even get any really!  But, two days later I was back to mini wheats.  They're worth the risk.

Sister Beck came to speak to us last week.  It was really cool, she talked about temple covenants and missionary work in brazil where her dad used to be a mission president.

Out instructor Soeur Welch told us an awesome mission story the other day.  She said this woman called the missionaries and asked if they would teach her. They said sure, and she ended getting baptized about two weeks later.  She had been given a pass along card a few years earlier by someone in a train station.  It had a picture of Christ on the front so she had put it up on her mantle for years.  one day, when she was unpacking boxes because she had moved apartments she came across the passalong card and felt something (the spirit).  So she looked on the back of the card and called the number, and it was the sister missionaries!  Soeur Welch said when they started teaching her she looked liek she was 80 (she was in her mid-50s) and like the world was on her shoulders.  She apartment was dark and heavy when they started teaching her.  Soeur Welch got transferred out of the area but went to go visit this woman a few months later on her mission.  She said she walked in the apartment and it was an incredible transformation.  The air was light and everything was bright.  The woman looked like she was about 25 years younger and there was light in her eyes.  Soeur Welch said she has never seen the spirit transform someone as drastically as that woman.  The gift of the holy ghost is so amazing.  I'm so grateful to be here as a missionary learning so that I can serve!

Love you all and have a great week!


soeur aluyssa chard

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