Monday, April 9, 2012


Hello Everyone!

Well, this week has been so amazing.  So many miracles and just so good.  I absolutely love Versailles and I love Soeur Turney.  It is gorgeous and it's so interesting because it's like serving in a completely different country compared to Caen.  In Versailles, people are very believing for the most part, very Catholic.  aka contacting is a completely different experience.  Before it's trying to help people just listen to a message that preaches that God exists and that He loves us.  Here it's much more talking to people who already have a firm belief and love for God and Jesus Christ.  

Yesterday was one of my favorite Easters of my life.  And without a doubt it was my busiest.  We saw so many miracles yesterday.  We planned our day on Saturday night and basically every public transportation change had to work out absolutely perfectly to be able to accomplish everything we wanted to.  And it did!  That in itself was a miracle.  I dont have time to go in detail but in brief:

1.  The entire church three hours was all focused on the Atonement of Jesus Christ and really the focus on the Resurrection and what that means for each of us.  It was so amazing.  If you want some good study scriptures: John 20:1-18 and 3 Nephi 9:13-15, 11:5-11.  So many good things in there.

2. We broke our fast, ate something fast at the church and then went to pass by a referral, they weren't home.  So we started porting the neighborhood.  Knocked the doors, doors kept slamming.  I pulled out a pass-along Book of Mormon from my bag and I said, "Soeur Turney, we are giving this to someone before we leave this town."  So we kept knocking doors and they kept slamming.  We started heading back to the train station to catch our train, woman with a stroller walking towards us.  We contacted her.  Set up a RDV for next week and gave her a BOM.

3. Had two lessons with recent converts, the whole mission is supposed to meet with all the recent converts over the last three years specifically this transfer.  We did and taught each a different message, but the focus was on the Atonement.  It was amazing because even though we were supposed to be the teachers, I learned really profound things about the Atonement from the people we taught yesterday.

4.  Had a lesson with someone Soeur Turney and her old companion had been teaching for a while.  We had planned a lesson to teach her, got into the RDV and anyways we ended up teaching a completely different lesson but it was so cool because Soeur Turney and i were both so unified in our teaching even though it wasnt what we had planned.  We tried committing her to baptism, not yet.  But it was such a good RDV and the spirit was so strong.

Last week we made a goal to talk to at least one person every time we got on a train. (that is fairly often).  Ultimately, we had a lot of awkward experiences with this but so many miracles as well.  We talked fixed RDV with three new people this from doing that last week.  And then we tried passing by one of the people we had fixed with, she wasnt home so we ported the building.  And fixed a RDV with a lady for this next week!   So we will see what ends up happening this week but there is so much potential for so many cool new people to teach.

Soeur Turney is absolutely the best I could ever ask for. I hope I can be more like her by the end of my mission (she goes home in 4 weeks)!  She is seriously so good, I feel really blessed to be her companion right now.

I love you all and hope you have a fabulous week!  The gospel is true, Christ is the key and the Book of Mormon is the way to find out for yourself.  Love you!

-Soeur Chard

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