Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Soeur Searle Sighting

Hi Family!

I just saw Soeur Searle a few minutes ago doing emails!  It's so fun to have a friend from home here too.  

Let's see, this will probably be a shorter one but:

The miracle of the week is two girls named Siliane and Frederick.  Last week when we were at church (when Alejandra didnt show up and we were devastated)  we went to amis class and this girl was there who I thought was the elders ami because she was sitting next to the elders.  Afterwards this girl (Siliane) was talking to Frere Ya and Frere Ya said, "well, I think the missionaries can answer this better."  So he brings the girl over to me and walks away.  So I start talking to the girl and realize that she has never met a missionary before.  So she says, "I have heard a lot of crazy things about your church.  I've heard you're a cult, Ive heard lot of things, but I dont believe it and I want to find out for myself.  Is there someone who can tell me the difference between your church and other churches?"  So ultimately we set up a lesson for later that week.  When she came she brought her twin sister.  It was Soeur Horn's favorte lesson she has taught on her mission.  I know the gift of tongues is real!  Soeur Horn did so well in that lesson.  The spirit was so strong and they both committed to start reading the BOM, pray and come to church.  I swear there is so much opposition against people coming to church.  We have the hardest time getting people to church.  Ultimately a half hour before church started Siliane texted us to say their boss had just called them in to work so unfortunately neither could come to church.  But,they are great and we are seeing them again on Tuesday.

Alejandra, no one knows what happened to her.  It is so so sad.  But, I also know we have done everything we can do as missionaries, now we are just praying really hard for her and are turning it over to Heavenly Father's hands.  But I know everything is going to work out, because she genuinely wants to do what is right and follow God's plan for her. Please pray for her specifically and that our investigators can start coming to church!

I just want to share something about faith because it's something I have been learning a lot about lately on my mission.  What does it mean when it talks about missionaries strengthening their faith and what are we supposed to have faith in?  So, do you have faith in people keeping commitments, faith people accept the gospel, faith in numbers, or what exactly.  And I've been learning more and more that faith is not having faith in other people or in things but faith needs to be rooted in Christ.  If we have faith in Christ we know that all things are possible in Christ, we have complete trust and confidence in Him even if we dont understand everything at a time.  And then, how do you show your faith?  It's by diligently seeking and working.  I dont know if that makes any sense there, but it has been something I have been coming to understand more and it changes everything.

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Soeur Chard

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