Monday, September 17, 2012

Ah Les Missionnaires!

Hello Family!

Today I am spending pday with charlotte searle, I am excited, I think we are going to go to the champs elysees and just walk around and relax.  Should be fun.

This week has been very interesting because it's been the worst of my mission as far as numbers but I feel like it was still successful.  

Most interesting story of the week was when Soeur Horn and I tried to pass-by a less-active who has been in-active for the last ten years.  We had visited a member family in the area and they suggested we tried to see her.  So we sonnetted her and she opened the door because she thought it was her daughter coming home from school.  She said, "ah les missionnaires!  Venez."  So we went in and come to find out it was the first time she had accepted missionaries in her house in eight years.  She let us sit down and goes on to tell us her life story.  It was one of the saddest things I have ever heard.  She was a convert and almost her whole family got baptized but all fell away, she was the stalwart.  Anyways, she ended up serving a mission.  Here's the crazy part, I asked her where she served her mission and she says London.  I ask her when and come to find out Boppy was her mission president!  Carol Joly, does that tell you anything mom?  Anyways, unfortunately didnt have a very good mission experience. Still stayed strong and then she got married in the temple and everything, stayed strong for twenty years.  she told us the story of her falling away and seriously it completely broke my heart, it was so so sad.  She said that now she believes in God again, in Heavenly Father but she's trying to figure out who Christ is for her.  We read a verse from the Book of Mormon and she said she felt something again it was like remembering a lost friend.  She accepted a BOM because she had thrown out all her other scriptures and said she would read.  Her fifteen year old daughter came home in the middle and was really happy and surprised to see missionaries and said she wants to come back to church.  Her youngest daughter who was nine had never prayed before in her life and at the end of our lesson we said a prayer together, it was the first time in this little girl's life she had done it.  We are praying for Carole, she is so good and had been so strong for so many years, she said she's not ready to take missionary lessons right now but she said, "your visit was not in vain, thank you for coming."

Everyone in the ward is doing well, I absolutely love the members here and the other missionaries serving here right now, it will be hard to leave.  Please keep praying for us this week.  Every ami we had has disappeared, and we are literally starting at ground zero.  In particular please pray that the members will have opportunities to share the gospel with their friends and will be able to feel the spirit and the joy that comes from missionary work.  

I love you all, have a great week.  Thank you for all of your love and prayers!

Soeur Chard 

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