Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Miracle

Bonjour à tous!

Today, the great challenge is I am going to try to send pictures.  Oh my gosh you have got to be joking me.  After I wrot that sentence I plugged in the camera to send the photos and what do you know, I think I took Soeur Deleu's cord or something because it mysteriously doesn't fit in my camera.  I am genuinely so sorry, I am a failure at sending pictures, seriously.  And I feel guilty now because I was with Marie-Sylvie the other day and she told me how much it meant to get pictures from François when he was a missionary so I promised I would send some home this week and, failure!  I will try next week. :)

The miracle story I will tell this week happened on Soeur Mejia's birthday which was Wednesday.  After we had gone over to meet a member family we were out porting that night and not having any success, we were about to knock on a door and decided after that door we would take the bus to head back and try finding people closer to home.  We knocked on the door, a french woman, about 60 answered.  We told her who we were and she said that she believed in God but wasn't practicing in any church.  She kept explaining herself and ultimately I thought she was upset with us and wanted us to leave.  We said, "If this book, The Book of Mormon can help you come closer to Jesus Christ, does that interest you to learn more?"  It honestly took me by surprise when she opend th door wide, said yes and invited us inside.  So we sat down with she and her husband.  Her husband is paralyzed on one side of his body and has a hard time expressing himself "oui et non" that's about it.  He had an accident years ago that left him paralyzed.  Anyways, we asked the couple if they both believed in God, the husband just started crying.  His wife explained that whenever anyone talked about God he started to cry because he has so much faith in God, especially after his accident.  We had a really amazing lesson the first time and set up another RDV.  When we came back (Saturday night) we knocked on the door and Madame Rabin opens the door wide, gives us bisous and invites us in.  She says, "I just have to ask you a question.  Is the family important to you?"  We told her that it's the center of our life and we sat down, prayed and started reading the family proclamation with her.  She loved it.  We asked her if she believed she could be with her family forever  Her husband "oui oui oui" and she said, "I hope but I honestly am not really sure."  She said more than anything she wants to have peace of mind here on earth and a peace and hope about what will happen to her family after she dies.  It was so amazing because we had done some things in studies and practice teaching that we used exactly for the RDV.  The spirit was so strong and it was amazing.  We are going to see them again tomorrow night again and will teach them the restoration.  Please pray for them, the family Rabin.  

We got the transfer news on Saturday!  Soeur Grewar is leaving and we are forming a trio again, Soeur Mejia, Soeur Deleu and I.  It will be great, I am excited!  This transfer has been interesting with a lot of new challenges and a lot of growing experiences and I know they will continue.  I feel like I am learning a lot about simplifying, focusing on the things that matter most and the doctrine of Christ.  When I say that's what I'm learning, I say that's what I want to focus on and be better in.

I love you all, please pray for our mission's goal which is to bring families to Christ for Christmas!  The best Christmas present ever. :)

Soeur Chard

oh ps, I think I just told dad in his email, but I will be coming home in February.  So, I will see you soon Schwester Chard. :)

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