Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year . ...Mission Style

This week has been so so good.  It started with Tuesday after District Meeting.  Before we left Soeur Cope tried calling one of our amis for literally probably the 12th time.  We hadn't seen her for the last two and a half weeks, she wouldn't respond to our calls or answer her door when we'd pass by... she didn't answer the phone again.  Soeur Cope and I started walking down the street to go contacting.  There was absolutely no one on the street. Then far away we saw a lady walking towards us and Soeur Cope said, "ha what if that happened to be Vivian." And then as we got closer it actually was Vivian.  She we stopped her, talked to her and invited her to come to the church (we were right by it) and I would play the piano for her. She's been scared to come to church and we've been trying to get her to come ever since I got to Caen.  She agreed without any hesitation and so we took her to church, gave her a tour of the buiding and then I played the piano for her for a little while.  Pull out Claire de Lune, such a classic haha and then just a lot and lot of hymns.  Then we talked to her about the Atonement and the Plan of Salvation and really that was one of the strongest times I think i have ever felt the spirit, it was cool.  Since then, we've been able to see Vivian a few more times and she's progressing again!  So that was a miracle.

Friday we had absolutely no rendez-vous scheduled aka finding and porting and weekly planning was all we had planned.  And it was one of the best days.  We left the apartment and for the first time we stopped like every single person on the street, we really talked to as many people as we possibly could and there was just something different in the way we were contacting, it was with more urgency.   We gave out a Book of Mormon and it was great.  Then porting, it was raining and we went out and a man invited us back to teach his family a lesson after vacances is over.  Weekly planning was also so good.   So transfer one is finished as of yesterday.  I learned so much and we're both really excited about our next transfer together.

We fixed a baptism goal for the ward for the year, missionaries decided 8, the ward had wanted the goal for 15. so, we are setting it for 12. 

Here's a funny contacting story that happened on Christmas Eve.  We were contacting around our apartment and talking to this one guy and saw another guy kind of lurking in the background. Whatever.  So we finished talking and continued walking down the street.  The guy lurking (ERic) came up to us and asked who we were, so we told him.
Eric: "I heard your accents over there. It's not ofter I get to talk to beautiful American girls. Actually, I want to marry an American.  Yes, I'm french, but I'm really American at heart."
Us: Just kind of stand there. Then we start talking to him about church. haha
Ends up he gives us two phone numbers to contact him, an email, his address and the church he attends. We walk away. Seriously like two minutes later we hear someone running behind us. Soeur Cope and I both kind of look at each other.  Suddenly Eric is standing in front of us and just stands there gasping for breath for like 20 seconds.  We just stand there without saying anything.
Eric: "You need to make babies in America.  Because Mexicans are trying to overtake the United States.  You must call me, we have to talk more about this."
Us: "Okay. Thanks. Bye."
And then we just walked away.  Then we looked down at the address he had given us, and he lives in our apartment building!!! Ahhhh, so we are just trying to avoid him for the rest of our lives.

Church was awesome on New Years.  I'm so grateful to be here, there are lots of ups and downs that is for sure. But, so far the ups have outweighed the downs by far and there's so much to learn and so many ways to grow and I have never felt the spirit so strongly so constantly as I have while I have been on a mission, it is such a blessing.  I love you all and hope you all have a great week and a Happy New Year!  It has been strangely warm here so we can just pretend like I'm in Hawaii all the time. :)

Soeur Chard

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