Monday, January 9, 2012

A Quail's Heart

Hi family,

Well this week has been one of the longest weeks EVER.  I can't believe that last week was New Year's Day. That feels like forever ago.  I can't believe that two weeks ago was Christmas.  It seems like that was a year ago!  But all is good. 

Let's see this week:

One of our steady investigators dropped us, Vivian.  It's so weird because she gave us a really nice present for Christmas, she was going steady again and then she called us before our appointment at 7:30 AM and said she has no more desire to read the scriptures and she doesn't want to continue meeting. But at the end she said à bientot.  So... whatever that means!  She's the one who has depression too, so that's hard.  Anyways, so we are no longer teaching her.

And then we have gone to visit this in-active  who called the church and said she wanted to meet with the missionaries again.  Well, we after two RDV (appts.)  we called a ward member the other night to ask if they could bring her to church because she doesn't have a car.  She has done this a couple times where she wants to come back to church after a long time of inactivity and then she comes and asks ward members for money.  So, we're probably not going to be teaching her anymore.  That made me mad because she was telling us a lot of things that weren't true and we fell for all of it! ah. So, that was a good lesson to not be so trusting of EVERYONE.  Even though you want to assume the best of everyone you also have to be smart about what they are telling is true and what's not.  That was a hard lesson for me to learn because I've always wanted to assume that people are telling the truth.

On Thursday we got to go to Paris to get my legality!  Soeur Cope and I were both seriously so so so excited because they had all the elders and Soeur Johnson from my MTC group also go at the same time so I got to see all of them for the first time since the MTC after one transfer and see how all of them are doing.  Well, very long story, but Soeur Cope and I missed our train to Paris and it was not our fault.  Basically, let's just say that for the second time in my entire life I completely chewed out my district leader for missing our train.  So that was super draining, he really apologized yesterday and all is good but that was also a stressful day.  But it's okay because we ended up catching a later train, we got to Paris, and I got to see all the other missionaries!  It was the best thing ever!  It seemed like most of them are doing really, really well with their trainers and are just loving their missions.  I talked to Elder Allan for a while who is being trained by Elder Cannon, and tell Kris that Bobby is doing great again!  it sounds like they are working so hard, and I think Elder Allan said they have three baptismal dates set right now if I remember right?  Anyways, I don't know how it is for Elder Cannon.... but I think Elder Allan is loving it.

Soeur Johnson (my MTC companion) and Soeur Edgerley came up to Caen after because Soeur Edgerley had to renew legality here. 

Oh, i have to tell the family too I ate quail heart!  We went over to a family's house for New Year's Day and they just put a full quail in front of us.  Beak still on, feathers on the head, eyeballs, all organs still inside.  Just  straight up the entire quail. (this was the same family who served us oysters for Christmas) I ate the heart!  Elder Garcia ate the brain as well, and.... he was sick for the next two days so glad I didn't go down that road.  It's crazy though because you have to eat these crazy things and just kind of act like it's no big deal.  It was great though... actually not bad!

Probably the two highlights of the week: on Monday night we had a lesson with a less-active.  She ended up bringing one of her friends for us to teach a first lesson to as well.  So, we hadn't planned for it at all, and really that was going to be my first time teaching a first.  And, it was such a cool experience.  This week we taught the Joseph Smith story twice, and it was really the first two times my entire mission.  It was cool because even though we didn't plan for that lesson, we were able to teach by the spirit.  He committed to start to read the Book of Mormon and hopefully we get to teach him again!  We also started teaching this other lady yesterday who's daughter was baptized years ago, she's awesome.

The other best part: I started teaching one of the girls in our ward piano lessons!  I just taught her for like 10 minutes last night because we always go over to their house on Sunday nights for FHE.  It's weird though because in Europe the notes are do re mi fa so... so i have to learn that myself as I'm teaching her.  But it was so fun for me, I miss teaching a lot!  So i gave her stuff to memorize for this week and we're having short lessons every Sunday after Family Night. 

Well, I think that's about it!  This afternoon we are going to teach a woman who is from Nigeria aka in ENGLISH!  She's met with the missionaries before and has a hard time accepting the BOM.  We're going to read Mosiah 2 with her and talk about how she can apply the teachings of King Benjamin into the life of her own family to strengthen her home.  So I encourage the Chard family to do the same this week. :)

love you all!
-Soeur Chard

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