Tuesday, February 7, 2012

First Week of February

Hi family!

Well, all is going well in Normandie.  Soeur Cope and I had been counting down the days till January would be over since like December 17th, because in our minds after January= spring.  No doubt about it.  Well, that was very wrong.  February first hit, and suddenly the temperatures dropped drastically.  And it started snowing!  Ward members told us it's cold until April!  Ah!  Oh well, I'm just happy I didn't know that fact in January, because honestly now that we conquered January it doesn't seem like winter will be as long, regardless of the weather. 

Yesterday it snowed and it was so funny to see how Caen reacted.  Everything.  Shut down.  Trams, buses, no snow plows.  So, we walked to church, thank goodness for boots.  But, it was so funny because it's like the whole city shut down and in Utah we get way more snow then that and everything continues as usual!  We ate with a family in the ward yesterday and I had my first escargot... not in a restaurant. (it's the same family that fed us oysters and a full quail aka quail heart, etc.  She said next time she is making frog legs.  Interesting.)  

We also had exchanges last week.  I went down to Evry for the day (like 40 minutes outside of Paris) and I honestly thought I was serving a mission in a different country (very multi-cultural, I hear it's called "mini Africa" by some missionaries.  I LOVED IT so much.  It's pretty ghetto and was so great.  We went porting in these apartment buildings and it was a completely different experience from porting in Caen.  We actually were able to talk to most people for a few minutes at the door, got three pass-backs, gave a Book of Mormon and got two numbers.  That is like a transfer worth of success in Caen.  It  was so much fun.  I was with Soeur Rowley who goes home in two transfers (she was actually Soeur Cope's MTC companion) and she was so great to work with.  That night we went to the ward and taught the law of tithing lesson to a nine-year-old boy who I think actually got baptized in Saturday.  Then we tried to go visit their ward missionary, got lost and it was too late so we went home.  Soeur Rowley apologized for getting lost.  I told her that I basically have an endless supply of patience for people getting lost because my poor future companion, we will get lost all the time. 

Um, things have been going well here.  Honestly, our district in Normandy is having a hard time as far as finding people to teach right now, the elders in Caen and the elders in Cherbourg have had really hard last couple of weeks.  Soeur Cope and I have been doing a lot of porting and finding lately too.  But, we're happy.  I think that's so important, learning how to be happy when things are going well or when things are more challenging.  It is so cool to see how far we have come as a companionship since week one of transfer one until week six of transfer two.  We are both so happy, we're like best friends and we have been working hard but we have fun together too.  One thing I've really learned this transfer is that "fixing something" is usually not an event, it's a process. It's requires patience and you have to work at it.  I've seen that with recent converts we have been working with and I've seen it in other ways too.  It's little by little that you are able to watch relationships improve or people change, it just takes time and effort and constantly trying to improve.  It's been really cool, I love it. 

The transfer email comes out this Saturday and Soeur Cope and I are both so nervous/excited/scared about it.  I would be really suprised if I get transferred out of Caen because Soeur Cope has been here four already and I've only been here two.  But, no one knows!  We should for sure though be getting new companions, because the 12 week program is done after this week!

I hope you all have a great week!
Soeur Chard

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