Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm still in Caen

Hi family!

So, we got the transfer email, I honestly don't think I have been that nervous since the morning I went into the MTC!  I was so nervous the night before but excited too, because I won't be being trained anymore!  So, the elders in Caen and Soeur Cope and I all came to the church that morning.  We were all slightly freaking out about it.  Because it's the last transfer of Soeur Cope and the elders knew someone was getting transferred because Elder Garcia has been trained here too (he was in my MTC district.)

So, we opened the email.  Soeur Cope: "Okay, now let's all try to be mature adults here, okay."  Secretly, she was probably freaking out the most. . . .all the rest of us were kind of just sitting there completely calm.  It was great.

The result is:  I am the only one staying in Caen!  Soeur Cope is going up to Brussels, Elder Barney is going up to Liege (Belgium), Elder Garcia is going up by Lille (up north by the border of Belgium).  They're sending in the Zone Leaders up to Caen, I'm staying and Soeur Ingraham (I hear she's nice and she's a runner- that is all I know) is coming up to be companions with me.  Ah!  Scary!  And I realized that even if I have a question to ask, I can't even call Soeur Cope or Elder Barney because our phones can't call Belgium.  So, yep should be interesting.  I think it should all be good hopefully!  i'm really excited though, I think it will be fun and the two elders coming up are so good. 

We went home and did weekly planning.  Ah, it's just so crazy how your entire life can change in one email!  Soeur Cope spent about two hours going through different bus routes with me so I can get more oriented.  That is the single thing I am by far the most nervous about.  My lack of sense of direction.  Oh man oh man.  I think for the most part it will be okay though. :)  I guess we will find out!

It  has been a good week though!  Freezing, but good.  It was -10 celsius, I think that's like 14 degrees.  But with humidity.  Apparently the climate has been "Russian weather" the last week, we've been getting the winds from Russia.  Interesting.  You know  it's cold when I had to pull out the boots made in Canada this week!  Those things are golden.  I was really tempted to pull out the parka this week, but still a little too intense looking for the occasion.  Even though it may feel like Siberia to me.

I love you all and am thinking about you all!  Keep doing good things!


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