Monday, July 9, 2012

Pday Switcheroo


Today has been crazy because at 6:31 our district leader called to tell us district meeting was being switched to tomorrow so we quickly changed our pday until today!  its been a crazy day because we went to go grocery shopping and then waited in line for 45 minutes until they closed down the grocery store because the cash registers arent working.  So, I guess we are skrimping on food the rest of the week! haha  no we should be fine.

This last weekend we had two more mini missionaries come.  It was such a blessing in my life and I absolutely loved it.  President sent his daughter Marie and then another girl in the ward to be with us so we did splits for the whole weekend.  I was with Marie who I already absolutely loved and it only got better being companions with her for the weekend.  I told her how these last two transfers have been the hardest of my mission, ultimately she suggested us talking to her mom after church and getting her advice on what to do.  I did and it was the best thing ever, she gave me such good advice and it was exactly what I needed to hear and I felt so much better.

After church Marie and I went out because we had two RDVs that were fixed, and I even called and confirmed with the people and they said all was good for the RDVs.  Ultimately, they both fell through (oh man!)  so.... about six hours of contacting was the result.  We went out and people were being pretty nice and would talk to us for a little while but no numbers, no set RDVs and no addresses.  After a few hours Marie says, "missions are hard!"  haha.  Then we keep going and a few minutes later she says, "can I just say, missions are hard!"  and we kept going and after a little longer she said, "what are we doing wrong!  We are doing everything my dad tells us to do and nothing is happening."  haha.  a little longer passes, Marie:  "okay, this is not stopping me from deciding to go on a mission but I just hope that I dont serve in France." hahaha.  (dont worry the story ends well).  We took the metro to Ruel-Malmaison and I heard someone say, "Soeur Chard!" I looked back and it was some of the office elders.  So we went over to talk to them and Marie said, "what are we doing wrong! It's not working!"  Ultimately they gave comfort and words of wisdom, etc etc.  We were taking the metro home and last person we contacted gave us their number.  Went home and tried to call the person, it was a bad number.

So the next day we had two RDVs and they both went well;  Bettina, the one who got her answer she needs to be baptized is like a different person.  There's a new light in her eyes, she has so much more confidence and she is so much more open.  We did a FHE night with the Babin Family and Bettina and it was on following the prophet, so good.  And we went contacting and we fixed four RDVs for Thursday together!  So Marie's answer for what we were doing wrong:  you just have to persevere and keep doing what you know is the right thing to do, even if you don't see the results right away, just keep doing it for the Lord.  Anyways though, being with Marie was a tender mercy for me for this weekend, it was exactly what I needed and gave me the push to keep going with lots of optimism.  I said that never in my entire life have I felt as much opposition from basically every side as I have this transfer.  But, I know my testimony is growing stronger, I know I am changing and becoming bolder, and I know Heavenly Father is helping me in so many ways and that I'm not alone.

My testimony of fasting has increased dramatically.  Really an example of how after the trial of your faith the blessings and answer to our prayers come.  We faster for Bettina, and the week after she had her two spiritual experiences and received the confirmation she needs to be baptized.  Well this past Sunday we fasted for Alejandra because she has gone MIA and we have absolutely no idea what happened to her.  So we fasted that we would be able to find out what happened with her and get back in contact with her, because we absolutely know that we met her for a reason.

So just today on our way to do emails, (we have been calling this girl for two and a half weeks now and havent seen her for over a month) we received a text from Alejandra.  "hi girls i am so sorry i havent been answering your calls!  I have been in spain and every time you call  or i call it charges my phone.  It was really last minute and so that's why I didnt have a chance to tell you that I was going to be gone.  I get home this Friday and I am going to call you as soon as the plane touches the ground."  It was definitely an answer to our fast and prayers.  

All is good, the church is true!  Because God loves us the priesthood and the fulness of the gospel was restored through a prophet Joseph Smith and we are so incredibly blessed to have the fulness of the gospel in our lives because it brings a fulness of joy and blesses and changes lives.

Thank you for all your love and support and prayers!  Birthday shout out for Hezzy!  Going legal on July 10th!  I have a letter coming in the mail!

Love you!
Soeur Chard

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