Monday, October 15, 2012

Bonjour ma famille!

Bonjour ma famille!

Thank you so much for all of your emails today, they are always a highlight of my week.  I can't wait to hear when and where Danielle is going on her mission.  Best thing you can do and so amazing that she has been able to get everything in so fast.  Not by chance. :)

This week was awesome.  In brief:

Nadege Soeur Horn and Soeur Jenkins found during exchanges contacting.  She's awesome, looking to make life changes and says that while others go to rely on their families or their friends, she feels it's important to rely on religion and God while she is going through this difficult time.  We started teaching her and she reads the BOM, she prays and she has a serious appetite to learn as much as she can.  She came to church for all three hours on Sunday and said she really loved it because unlike other churches, she loved that it was members sharing with each other and teaching each other instead of just being talked at the whole time (it was fast and testimony meeting).  She asked us a few days ago when we came, "I see you both have so much light and joy.  How do you have that?"  

Sidestory, we contacted this family a couple weeks ago and were talking to them a little while and at the end of the contact (they said they werent interested in learning more) but she said, "i hope my daughter is like you when she is your age."  and I asked her why and she said, "because you can see that you believe what you are teaching and I would rather have my daughter be doing something like that then going out clubbing."  You just pray people like that keep getting contacted by missionaries (they told us they had been contacted by missionaries just a few weeks before) and will really feel the desire and understand that they can have that same light and truth for their own lives and their own families.

Pema is from Tibet and we found her sonnerie porting last week.  Her english is broken, we teach her in english. She is Buddhist but she told us, "even though I'm Buddhist I feel some type of need and desire to learn more about Jesus Christ and who He is."  Last week she told us that since we had been coming (three times) there was a different spirit in her home.  She said she had been fighting so much with her husband and was thinking of divorce.  Since we started coming she said she didnt fight anymore and there was more peace in her life.  She prayed to God (Heavenly Father) for the first time that night with us and both of her children came and prayed with us as well.

The next time we went over to Pema's her friend, Ajour was there.  Ajour is Christian and when we committed her to start reading BOM she said, "yes, absolutely.  And I will testify that it is true when I know it is true."  Please pray that we teach her again this week as well.

Elda is a woman who has been searching for the true church for years.  She was contacted by the Assistants and they passed her over to us.  We went over and taught her and immediately when we sat down she started attacking us with questions.  I said, "before we keep going can we please start with a prayer?"  She asked me to say it since I was "avoiding" her questions ha.  Well, anyways, we talked about the Holy Ghost and how that will testify to her that the message of the Restoration is true.  We asked her to begin reading the Book of Mormon before we came back.  She said, "Absolutely not."  She didnt want to blindly start getting into anything.  We asked her how she ever is going to know if what we are teaching her is true if she won't try reading.  Ultimately she said she would read 2 Nephi 2.  She is super cool, because she has been searching.  Please pray that we will be able to teach her again this week.  

Fréderique is doing really well.  She is already like a member of 10 years and it has only been a month.  My favorite is when she will ask us questions about the gospel through text because she's studying on her own.  She read the entire "gospel principles" book in a week and would like to possibly serve a mission.  We had a lesson about genealogy and temple work last week and are hoping that she can prepare to go on the ward temple trip to do baptisms next month.  Her sister Siliane is also doing well, she is still studying in the south of France.

Maria (Soeur Dawson and I taught her) also got back in contact with the member friend last week and said she wants to come to church this upcoming Sunday.  Pray for her as well please!

I love you all and am so grateful for all of your support, prayers and influence in my life.  I get the transfer email this Saturday, so we will see where I am going! ah!  I am excited.  I have absolutely loved Versailles and am also excited for a new ville. 

I love you!  Je vais vous envoyer les photos des que possible.  Désolé!  (have pops translate that one. :) )

Soeur Chard

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