Monday, October 22, 2012

Seven on Sunday!!!

Hi family!
Sorry this is going to be fast because we are in a big hurry but yesterday was one of the best days of my mission for sure.
We had seven amis there at church.  Way way way more than I have ever had at church at one time my entire mission.  Here is the run-down of them:
1.  Nadege.  She's amazing, Soeur Horn and Soeur Jenkins found her during exchanges a couple of weeks ago and she is progressing so quickly.  On the way home from church (she lives really close to us so we walk home with her) she broke down and started crying telling us some things she is going through.  We talked to her for a while, super spiritual experience and ultimately she is preparing for baptism now.  She's amazing.
2.  Pema and her two kids, Champa and Tenzin.  This family is Buddhist but she feels something special about Jesus Christ.  Since we started meeting with her she has been praying to God and so have her two kids.  She told us that last week she was offered a full job contract and she recognized that as a blessing from God.  Her two kids went to primary, and came into sacrament with missionary plaques on.  The intermediate hymn came around and Champa drags me up to the stand because she wanted to sing with the other primary kids so Champa and Tenzin sang "i hope they call me on a mission" it was awesome.
3.  Maria Gomis (ask soeur dawson for her story) appeared after having disappeared for months.  She showed up at church for the first time with the Ya Family.  Last night we went over to teach her for the last time before I got transferred.  She told us she believes this church is Christ's and she wants this for her family.  She said she wants to come to church for entire time (she had to leave in the middle of sacrament meeting) and then wants to set a baptismal date.
4.  Marianna Nop came to church for her first time going to a church in years.  At the end of Sacrament Meeting she said, "I feel so good here, I'm so glad I came."  She was awesome.
5.  Bettina who we have been teaching since I first got her.  We stopped teaching her when Soeur Horn got transferred in because she wasn't progressing.  We walk in to church and Bettina is sitting in the relief society room I was so happy and she said, "I told you I would come, it's your last Sunday!"  She fasted and prayed and is almost finished with the Book of Mormon and is prepraing to be baptized in December now when she is back with her family.
It was an amazing day.  Soeur Horn and I also were able to sing/play together during sacrament meeting, Elder Gubbay and I gave our leaving testimonies because we are both leaving, and Nicole Alvine had her missionary farewell.  It was such a good Sunday and we saw so many miracles. I really felt like it was a gift from Heavenly Father for my last Sunday here, it was amazing, everything just worked out perfectly and our amis progressed so much from coming to church. 
I am excited to go to Angers!  I'm really excited for my new companions.  The visa waiter (Soeur Dreurer I think?) is awesome, I have met her before at STake Conference, she's waiting to go to Temple Square mission (by the way, that's where Nicole Alvine is going, and I told her I would send my family to go visit her, she has helped us so much, she's basically already a full-time missionary), and Soeur Grewer I have heard a little of her conversion story, she has a lot of faith, I am really excited to serve with her.  Angers is supposed to be a great ward, it's the center of the stake up in the Angers area and it's actually the home ward of the Poznanski's!
Have a great week everyone, I am praying for Danielle and her mission call, she will be an awesome missionary.
I love you, have a great week!
Soeur Chard

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