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I can't believe Danielle gets her call this week!!!!!   Let it be known that I predict the Eastern U.S.  I cant believe also that I am going to find out a week later than anyone else!  Maybe you could communicate to someone and have them call me to tell me the news during the week.  Just an idea. :)

Last day in Versailles was amazing, on tuesday we had lots of RDVs with our amis and it was amazing to watch how these people want to change or want to change.  Nadege is the one we really need prayers for, she wants to be baptized.  she has been through so much in her life and is such a good woman.  We taught her the Plan of Salvation on Tuesday night and she was just sobbing at the end, she has had a difficult family life.  the amazing thing about her is in her trials she is turning to pray, the scriptures, now the BOM and God.  Pray for her please!

Angers is great so far and I am so happy to be here!   The very best part is because of my two companions.  I LOVE both of them and couldnt ask for better.  Soeur Horn and I were on our way to St. Merri to switch companions when the assistants called and said, "Soeur Chard, where are you?  You are supposed to be here because you are doing the training program again."  So, we hurried right over and come to find out we are doing the twelve week program again.   This time though my blue is Soeur Deleu, french from Chartres.  She's actually waiting for her visa so she can go to Temple Square visitor center.  (I told her that I am for sure sending my family over to meet her as soon as she gets to the mission).  she it's a completely different experience from training Soeur Horn because she's french so suddenly 24/7 everything is in french and doing the training program in french instead of english, and also because we are in a trio, very different and also because I didnt start in Angers before starting the training program so that's a lot of learning together and also because Soeur Deleu hasn't been to the MTC yet so it's totally starting from scratch.

But soeur deleu is my favorite ever.  She is a little ball of sunshine and learns so fast and I seriously absolutely love her.  My favorite is language study, and I help her with english, you learn how to speak english more correctly when you are actually teaching it.  She's such a fast learner and is doing so well with the adjustment to missionary life.  

Soeur Grewar is a convert of two years from australia and I absolutely love her as well.  Her conversion story is amazing (her friend introduced her to the church about eight years ago), she's always been a really good girl with good values and has tons of faith, joined the church and said after she joined the church she studied three hours personally every day because she realized how much she had to learn to help her better understand the gospel.  The friend who introduced her to the gospel is serving a mission right now in Japan and while she was working on her papers Soeur Grewar decided to serve a mission as well.  Because she wants to be as prepared as possible to raise a strong family in the gospel and be as converted as possible to the gospel.  She is so legit, super obedient and a really hard worker.

the three of us together have so much fun.  Soeur Grewar is in her fourth so is still learning french and it's a blessing to have soeur deleu, it helps both of us a lot to always be speaking french now.

Yesterday at church was great.  Emmanuelle got confirmed, it was a woman Soeur Grewar and Judd met two weeks ago and go baptized after eight days of lessons.  It's my favorite asking new converts how they feel after they receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.  Emmanuelle was so happy and it was so amazing being there with her. We are going to teach her about the temple tonight for FHE.

I hope everyone is doing well and praying for Mitt Romney! :)  I feel like I need to wear an american flag shirt here because I am now the only American, I love it.  I told my companions that we definitely have to celebrate Thanksgiving anyways.

Have an incredible week!  I love you all!
Soeur Chard

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